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Retail Store Credit Card Processing

BatchOut partners with retailers to provide integrated solutions for their digital transaction needs. BatchOut works with store owners to establish and understand the needs of the business; then helps by offering services like POS solutions, Cash Advance programs, gift and loyalty programs and more.


Accept Credit Cards

Restaurants need to be able to accept credit cards to survive and credit card processing for the restaurant industry has become increasingly cluttered with hidden fees, and bolt on charges that are not apparent to the non savvy owner. BatchOut doest not do business in that way. BatchOut payment processing will help you understand the charges you will have up front. You will be able to see the bottom line rate and you will notice that it will be considerably competitive.

If you are interested to see how you can start taking credit cards fill out our CREDIT CARD PROCESSING MICRO-FORM and we will get you the information you want!


POS (Point-Of-Sale) Solutions

Its not longer the era of overpriced Point-Of-Sale or POS solutions for restaurants. BatchOut understands the transaction market and the available options for POS.

For more information on POS options for restaurants go to our Merchant Resource Library to see reviews on several of the industries leading systems.


BatchCash Cash Advance and Next Day Funding Programs

BatchCash is a program were funds are provided to purchase a POS from the Dealer, add an extension to a restaurant, give the ability to buy more marketing/advertisement space, or simply to pull through a slow season of sales.

BatchOut offers these programs even if a restaurant does not qualify elsewhere for a loan or line of credit; or has unqualified needs for the advance.


Gift Card Programs and Loyalty Programs For Restaurants

Gift Card Programs can be a great tool to increase market penetration and customer frequency rates for restaurants if they are implemented the correct manner. Understanding the perceived value of the programs and the perception on attainment of the reward have to be precise and clear for your consumer. In short, you need a degree in gift card and loyalty strategy to be super successful! Don’t fret; BatchOut can be your in office expert! BatchOut helps restaurants set programs up precisely if asked!



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