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Merchants, more than ever, need to be able to accept credit cads efficiently and in a secure manner. This is extremely important.


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    Luciano DiFelicePrinciple PartnerLuciano founded BatchOut in 2001 after growing  the merchant services for a large national bank. He left to start his own venture seeing that there was a better way to handle client relationships and create efficiencies for clients of his new business, BatchOut. in 2004 Luciano opened BatchCash to further assist his clients by providing Cash Advances and next day funding vehicles. As business grew Luciano was able to create further consulting opportunities for his clients. Today Luciano remains the principle partner of BatchOut and BatchCash.
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    Keith JensenPrinciple PartnerKeith Jensen joined BatchOut in January of 2005 as a key player in sales and business development. His role quickly turned into a leadership position on account of his creative thinking, business acumen and robust network. In a few years Keith was brought on as a Partner; extending BatchOut and BatchCash in reach, mobility and agility.
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    Greg ClarkRelationship Manager
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    Azin HeshemiBusiness Information & Support Manager
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    Joshua ParkPresident PayONE
    Business Development
    Managing Partner of PayONE providing BatchOut services for U.S. market.
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    Denise SpangrudRelationship Manager
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