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Mobile Payments are financial transactions that are executed via a mobile device whether it be a smartphone , a laptop, iPad, or any other mobile device.

There are several advantage of processing through a mobile device:

  1. More convenient.  It is a quicker and easier way for your customers to check out , especially if your business is not your typical brick n mortar type of business.
  2. Less expensive.  You the merchant save money on swiping the card and avoiding a CNP (card not present) environment.
  3. More Professional.   Mobile payments improves your reputations which in turn provides better customer satisfaction, which increases sales.
  4. Secure and Safe.    PCI compliant and up to PCI standards.
  5. Better Marketing Tool.  With new mobile payment tools, you will be given the ability to integrate incentive and loyalty programs that better help you identify who your customer is, understand the spending patterns , which will help increase sales.


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