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What Is The Difference Between A Credit Card And A Debit Card?
A credit card is a card that lets a consumer access funds in a credit line set aside for that user. When the purchase is made, and settlement occurs, funds are drawn from the credit line and deposited to the merchant's account.

On the other hand, a debit card is a payment card whose funds are withdrawn directly from the cardholder's checking account. With an on-line debit card, the customer must enter a PIN to authorize payment at the time of sale (and the funds are settled through a debit network).

In the case of off-line debit cards (generally with Visa or MasterCard logos) the customer signs a receipt, as would be the case in a credit card transaction. In this case, the funds are transferred after batch settlement.
Will My Business Receive A Statement That Reports On The Transactions Processed?
Yes. We know that merchants rely on our reporting services to account for the transactions they process, both for credit card and for all other electronic transactions we support. Reporting on transactions is available in a variety of forms, and each has their own strengths:

A Monthly Statement summarizes all activity for the merchant. These are mailed automatically at the beginning of each month.

On-line transaction reporting is available for all services, providing up to the minute, detailed information merchants can use to confirm payments, identify processing problems, and other issues.
I am in a contract and/or my POS has an expensive fee to switch my merchant service provider. Is there anyway I can get out of it?
Yes. We will pay to break the contract and the fees to switch your POS merchant account
Does A Merchant Have To Show Their Merchant Statement To A Sales Person?
No. If you were playing cards, would you show your hand to the dealer before he delt his own cards? We do not need to see a merchant statement to quote an honest price.
How Can You Be Cheaper And Better Than My Bank Who Set My Business Up For Merchant Services?
Every bank outsources their merchant services, or has acquired a merchant service company to handle this business. This is why on your statement it does not say your bank name on its own. Instead, they are normally powered by Elavon or First Data. Consequenlty, if you have an issue you are unable to reach out to your bank, rather you will be re-directed to the toll free number for the outside agency that is handling your merchant services. Although the bank does not assist your needs, they do receive a commission for referring your business outside of their area of support.
I went to my local big box wholesale store which set me up for merchant services. They told me they have negotiated the best rates. How can Batch Out compete?
The rate your business is quoted is not the rate you end up receiving. Anyone can quote the cheapest rate to attract your attention, but it is unlikely that a true rate is offered. To prove this, simply divide all of your fees by your sales and you will see a rate much higher than the one promised. Plus, there is a reason why most banks and big box retailers push this business, and that is because they make it very profitable for themselves. This is likely the reason why a picture of a credit card machine and merchant services is often the first page in their store magazine / flyer. By working with Batch Out we do not need to offer a commission to a bank nor large retailer when utilizing our merchant services, instead we guarantee a true rate and paramount customer service as we are a reflection on the business which recommends Batch Out.
My restaurant Point of Sale says I should use their merchant services and my restaurant association is telling me the same thing. Why?
More likely than not it is because they have a vested interest in the deal where they will receive a commission. This is why by working directly with Batch Out we do not need to bonus for the referral, thus allowing us to discount any proposal coming from a trade association or POS provider.
I was given a free terminal. Will you give it to me for free too?
By placing you with a duplicitous schedule of fees, the price of a terminal will quickly be collected, notwithstanding a more than likely cost prohibitive contract. Allow Batch Out to explain how the free terminal that is offered to you really ends up costing much more throughout your time with the company providing that offer. Remember, in business nothing is free, and if someone is offering "free" think very carefully to answer how that equipment is being paid for.
My processor donates a portion of their proceeds made from my merchant account to charity. Will you do the same?
Unless directed to do so by you, our intent is to enable you to make your own decision with the savings we offer. However, Batch Out does appreciate the opportunity to use your profits as our write-off, and will operate by the terms we agree upon with our business arrangement with your company. Additionally, Batch Out minds a civic responsibility among the communities in which we operate. We have stalwart values developed through strong family, education and military experience that the founders tied to the company.

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