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Switch Your Credit Card Processing

Batch Out welcomes you to our family of merchants who look to give their customers the best service, security and prices without breaking the bank. Batch Out works with all types of companies to insure their merchant services are seamless and secure so they can concentrate on their customers.

Feel Free to peruse our website; when you are ready to take the next step toward becoming a BatchOut Merchant please fill out our New Merchant Questionnaire.

Types of Companies Batch Out Can Work With


Large Corporations

Consultative services utilizing 6 σ (Six Sigma) methodologies offering cost savings, best practices and equipment to streamline efficient and secure payment services for both the business and customer.

Small & Medium Size Businesses

Aggressive payment services offered not only to reduce costs of accepting credit card transactions, but to drive return business. Batch Out has a vested interest in the performance of each business partner.

Not for Profit & Education

Altruism and philanthropy are values held deeply by the Batch Out team. By assisting those companies that are giving back, we too share in this deed. When pointing out how Universities may pass on credit card fees, we assist in turn by making these schools more profitable while assisting their students.

Church & State

Enabling governments to pass on fees in certain times supports the taxpayer’s ease of paying bills while adding a means to supplement the state’s budget. Similarly, assisting religious organizations collect funds in their places of worship or elsewhere is a means by which Batch Out betters the financial outlook of these organizations.

Business & Trade Associations

Helping groups collectively broker a strong deal for payment processing through Batch Out merchants services allows the collective organization to retain more revenue as a whole. See more on the Valued Partners page.

High Risk

Businesses where the possibilities of chargebacks (defined as a cardholder disputing a transaction on their credit card) increase tend to fall into a category where everyone in the process shares risk, including the merchant, Batch Out, the underwriting bank and even the cardholder. Rates are normally higher for this category.


Every country has laws or regulations on how the credit card processing industry is allowed to operate within its domain. Batch Out is registered to operate overseas in U.S. territories. With respect to new business in other foreign lands Batch Out has referral agreements in place to handle overseas business that can be explained on a case by case scenario.

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