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Safe and Secure

In 2012 Javelin Strategy & Research, a market research firm release the results of a study, which confirmed that 66% of all transactions were made with Credit card. Credit card create a more efficient secure and pleasant shopping experience for your customers. But, as with all services rendered, you should know the risks! Collecting credit card data is a liability if not done correctly. Fortunately Batch Out and Batch Out partners have helped by easing the risk through compliancy measures provisioned by  Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Fast and Efficient

Credit Card Payment Processing should be quick and painless for your business and for that busy line of customers! Batch Out Credit Card Processing is lighting fast and super efficient due to some serious back end efficiencies and partnerships with the industries leading providers. Batch Out has a track record of speed, mobility, efficiency and precision that cannot be beat!

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Understanding Merchant Fees

No contract. Understandable pricing presented in a manner where merchants will choose Batch Out to handle all payment transactions, as we provide paramount customer service and discounted pricing. If we do not earn and maintain your business, we do not deserve your business. This is why we do not command a contract.


    • Visa / MasterCard / Discover Fees

      Flat Rates, Tiered Rates (Debit, Qualified, MidQualified, NonQualifed) are ways we price if the merchant prefers, however, Interchange Pass Thru is the preferred method. True pricing, clearly understandable, and thoroughly explained is how merchants are priced with Batch Out


    • American Express / JCB / Wright Express / Voyager / Fleet:

      It is not mandatory to accept any of these credit cards, and many merchants choose not to, as the processing fees may be higher. These cards are typically carried by cardholders with specific needs and by not accepting them this may inhibit sales.
    • Merchant Account Owner Fees

      Please contact us today, we will work with you to ensure that our fee structure is the best possible solution for your company.


A note on Processing Fees: Credit card companies set these processing fees called interchange rates, and while we wish we could reduce or drop these fees, we can not. These fees are set by the issuing card companies and are the same throughout the industry.

“How Does This Process work?”

Batch Out will take immediate action in order to qualify your business through an underwriting process that will ensure an aggressive rate and streamlined processing needs, all while keeping security a priority. Once our office receives the New Merchant Questionnaire form we will process and build your profile; then, either fax or email you your application and conduct a site survey.  Normal approval and up and running timeframes are within 72 hours, although sooner is possible depending on credit history.

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