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Partner Process. Simplified

  • Collaborative Preferred Agreement

    Our companies work together to create a referral agreement that would provide each company with a greater ability to grow!

  • Lead Generation

    Our companies work together to create a system where we can generate leads easily and efficiently

  • Competitive Residual Share

    We offer a competitive residual share on our net profits.

Valued Partners

Batch Out offers a means by which you will be proud and confident offering merchant services. We will represent nearly any bank, integrate into most POS, support a majority of e-commerce, and develop a relationship with all business associations if given the opportunity. As long as the values of your organization are in line with ours: honesty, customer focus and entrepreneurial spirit. We welcome all inquiries to Partner with Batch Out. We truly understand that the manner in which we conduct business with your customer will refelct a direct extension of your business.




Nearly every bank chooses who to outsource their merchant services to. Normally, it is a large impersonal merchant service company that prices high, sets a cost prohibitive contract to break and returns a healthy commission back to the referring bank.
When a bank decides to work with Batch Out, our #1 goal is how your customer is treated. Training programs for all branches are also available if desired.


Business Associations

Many organizations that represent a collective group seek a trusted Partner that can provide a value added service with tremendous cost savings to their society. Not only will Batch Out assist cutting costs for credit card processing, but ask us how we will drive sales back to each business or office your Association represents.
We understand that if your group\’s revenue increases and customer service issues decrease then you will be defined a success by your members.


POS Distributors

PCI Compliance is the biggest issue in the present market and Batch Out has a solution for this. We will provide a means by which you may seamlessly offer a choice for merchant services to your customers and benefit by doing so. At the most complex level, by opening your API to Batch Out we can demonstrate how you will save hours on each installation and significantly reduce costs for your customers, while reducing processing fees for your customers.
Otherwise, keep business the same and Batch Out will purchase all plug ins for the POS and provide an incentive nearly 4x greater than the existing MSP that nearly all POS use for merchant services.


Web Developers

Let Batch Out choose your gateway or you dictate the one that integrates with your selected shopping cart. From that point on the processing will come at a savings to your client and a blessing to your programmers.
Have us contact and maintain the relationship or we will teach you how to manage the credit card processing through a user friendly interface while benefiting from each transaction processed through the website you created for your customer.


PCI DSS Compliant

BatchOut follows the highest of industry standards in security as set by PCI DSS council. The PCI DSS is the highest of standards. Interested in seeing the Standard?

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Direct Integration

BatchOut offers Direct integration programs should you want to create a seamless product experience for your customers.


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