About Us

Dedicatedly Omitting the “I” And introducing the “We” In Every Industry

Settle With Us for Fortified Processes & Enhanced Payment Security at BATCH OUT!

Keith Jensen and Luciano Di Felice are the principals and partners, who both have two decades of experience and have serviced thousands of businesses. Conceptualized and operational since 2005, BATCH OUT is a premium yet cost-effective to process and accept all your non-cash payments. At BATCH OUT, we make it happen for you every day with our relentless efforts to improve and further fortify secure transaction processing. As a result, we cover up all your financial management issues from credit, debit, and other online payments to any industry from restaurants, stadiums, and the entire hospitality business domain.

As a one-stop solution to your financial management, BATCH OUT enables merchant services along with our POS systems to enable you to focus on other critical decisions. In addition, with a novel merchant cash advance facility, BATCH OUT lets you achieve instant financial liquidity.

Our clientele is not limited to the hospitality industry but every business that requires a cashless payment system. At BATCH OUT, it’s about winning every day; this coincides with the goals of our small and medium-sized business customers. We focus on serving every client to the fullest regardless of the size of operations – The range, customizability, and versatility of our POS solutions are ever-expanding.

Our Mission

Improving Business Mobility By Enhancing Transactions To Be Future Proof

To be the leading POS and merchant services provider – We aim to build an impeccable business environment based on our proprietary software and technology that increases security, ease, and transaction smoothness. With an unprecedented focus on volatile business and technological needs, we assist you with continuous enhancement and improvements to our systems!

You can now freely rely on a financial management solution that is entirely cashless and secure. From dedicated merchants to reliable POS systems that integrate state-of-the-art security and development BATCH OUT is here to make it happen for you!

As a premium supplier for POS systems and merchant services to businesses across multiple industries and countless companies regardless of size, BATCH OUT aims to increase financial ease and operational comfort for small and medium-sized ventures.